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Garrosh Down 14/14H

Andy a posted May 18, 14
It is done, Siege of Orgrimmar is finally cleared with the downing of Garrosh. It's been a really great effort by everyone in the roster and all my thanks go out to those both directly involved and those that have had to cheerleader from the side at one point or another.

We're now starting to convert to 25 man for Mythic in Warlords of Draenor. This website will be retired for a brand new shiny one! Please see our wowprogress page for more information!
Hafnium Congrats guys, I have enjoyed raiding with you all from when I joined (around the time of Garalon HC progression) until ...


Andy a posted Mar 23, 14
Klaxxi down, one to go...

Blackfuse down 12/14H

Andy a posted Feb 26, 14
Two to go...

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